How To Code: an Introduction

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. -Benjamin Franklin

You’ve always wanted to build software, or maybe you want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates? or you just have a killer app idea that you cant trust anyone else to execute for you, I understand the feeling, that’s why i’m creating a tutorial series to teach anyone interested – how to code, it wont be easy, but it will be worth it.

This tutorial series is going to cover everything from Web Design to Android app development, you’ll learn the various languages involved, their advantages and disadvantages, and you will be equipped with the necessary tools needed to complete all your projects.

FAIR WARNING: Coding, by default isn’t an easy easy feat to accomplish, but the best part is anyone can do it, you don’t have to be a guru at Mathematics, English or even Physics, you just have to have basic problem solving skills, the ability to think quantitatively, and have an eye for details, being patient is a bonus though and will help you go a long way in your coding career.

If you’re interested in the course, i’ll upload the first lesson soon, so keep in touch, leave a comment, or follow me on Instagram at @uzoezi_ and Twitter at @uzoezi_ to be informed. Good Day


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